FS Rainbow Seeds

FS Rainbow seeds

Free State Rainbow Seeds is dedicated to offering comprehensive healthcare services and combating the discrimination and violence experienced by the LGBTQI+ community. Our mission extends beyond mere provision; it encompasses the empowerment and advocacy vital for fostering self-affirmation, dignity, and equal rights among LGBTQI+ individuals. Through our initiatives, we endeavour to increase visibility, foster community engagement, and celebrate sexual diversity.


About Rainbow seeds

Central to our efforts is the recognition and redress of human rights violations suffered by LGBTQI+ persons. We believe in providing victim empowerment support, offering a safe space where individuals can find solace, strength, and resources to navigate through challenging circumstances. Our commitment to advocacy drives us to amplify the voices of LGBTQI+ individuals, champion their rights, and challenge systemic injustices that perpetuate discrimination and violence. At Free State Rainbow Seeds, we strive to create a society where all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, can live free from fear, prejudice, and marginalization. Through our holistic approach to healthcare, victim empowerment support, and advocacy, we aim to cultivate a more inclusive and equitable world for LGBTQI+ persons.