HIV counselling and testing, TB and STI screening and referrals

Health workshops

Health Workshops

Facilitate sexual health workshops and dialogues to motivate LGBTQI+ people including MSM to get tested.

Door to Door

Door to Door

Community Awareness Campaigns against GBV-F/IPV Door to door Walk Abouts Stop & Engage Community and Family Dialogues focused on GBV-F/IPV


Psychosocial Support

LGBTQI & MSM support groups and community dialogues aimed at identifying psycho-social issues GBV survivors have safe access psychosocial support focused on healing, empowerment and recovery. Safety & Security: Safety and security measures to prevent and mitigate gender based violence and protect survivors.

Human Right Violations Reporting

Identifying, Monitoring and Reporting of Human Rights Violations cases Socio-Economic Empowerment: Social relief of distress packages to improve the livelihood of victims and mitigate the risk of GBV-F as part of a multi-sector response. Justice & Legal Aid: Referral to legal and justice service centres that protect survivors’ rights and support their access to justice consistent with international and local standards.

Support Services

Victim, Partner and Family Counselling Referral Services to Secondary service providers